This work, realised as a contribution to the collective exhibition "Le rendez-vous 11 11 18", mirrides two series of photos organized around a text entitled "Fichez-nous la paix !", that I wrote and in which I denounce the destructive war of youth who were enemies only by the antagonisms that powerful people had decided for them .

The first series of photos was realized by my grandfather on the front line of Meuse in 1914-1915.

Through the second, I wanted to do it somehow echo through images of the same places as they are today. Places of memory, places invaded by vegetation or simply land marked by the stigma of trenches and obuse explosions.


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Photos N & B - front de Meuse 1914-1915 : Emile Fèvre

Photos couleurs et photo N & B de fond - Avril 2018  : Jean-Benoît Zimmermann


Impression jet d’encre sur bâche PVC 183 x 118 cm – 2018