"Fragments" was born of the encounter between two modes of expression, photographic and literary, concerning the body.

Originally, there were the photographs which are a sort of rediscovery of the body or bodies, by fragments, forgetting the usual keys to understanding, offered both by anatomy and aesthetics. The photographer's gaze proposes a course, sometimes explicit, sometimes abstruse, through the mounds and valleys, the folds and the lines. Images with a clear outline or which are lost in a distant obscurity. Images that no longer require a precise reference to the body as a whole. Images that find their own justification as places which are sometimes warm, sometimes mysterious.

Then these photos, were looked at from another perspective. On each image, was hung a word or a sentence. The words have become text and interrogate, insinuate themselves, take possession of these fragments of history or sometimes distance themselves from them and become autonomous. The path is determined by curves and living matter, it deliberately distances itself from the body when it poses or postures. The path reveals special landscapes, each one unique, that the light displays. The text also starts to reflect another image. The images respond or remain side by side. And each one of the images, the words, or the image which emerged from the words, depending upon its own history, finds there violence or gentleness, essay or poetry.

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