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At a time when President Trump says "we have to stay tough, otherwise our country will be invaded by people, by crimes, by all those things we do not want." At a time when States are blocking humanitarian ships with hundreds of survivors of conflicts, misery and despair. At a time when the European states are prevaricating on the reception of refugees and condemn those who help them, we must not stop repeating that humanity is indivisible, that beyond appearances there are no essential differences between humans. That all these singular lives, are those of individuals holding their own history, their own desires, aspirations, fears, anxieties, projects ...

I am impressed to see children laugh and play as well in quiet and safe environments as in slums or refugee camps. Parents everywhere are concerned about the education and future of their children. In all latitudes, people meet, share, create, work, love each other ...

My photographic approach intends precisely to echo this, by offering a look at the universality of humanity, in its diversity of situations, contexts. By bringing together more than differentiating, without denying the inequalities and injustices, by posing my complicit and benevolent eyes on people, simply.


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