"Arts & waste parade" presenting creations based on second-hand clothes and recovered waste, imagined by the companions of Emmaüs Pointe-Rouge and high school students from La Cabucelle and Saint Louis professional high schools in Marseille. MUCEM, April 2017


After scientific studies and a spell in political cinema, I embarked upon and continue to develop a path of photographic exploration, parallel to my career as a researcher.

From both points of view this is a research process that has led me to look at the world, people, places and objects, not from the outside, nor in the expectation of an unpredictable and improbable event, but rather in a real encounter between myself and my subject.

It is in this spirit that I consider my photographic work as humanistic, insofar as it seeks to account through these images of the humanity that animates the characters, the places on which they have left their imprint, or the objects they have constructed and use. A simple exploration which results from my curious and eager gaze at perceiving and grasping, as far as possible, this humanity, to understand the individuality of those other than myself, full of their own desires, aspirations, fears, anxieties, projects ... full of their own life and their unique and indivisible paths.

By presenting some extracts from my work, in different albums, this site intends to give an overview, deliberately limited, of my exploration of the world, declined according to the major themes that have emerged along the way and which have oriented my gaze. Even if some of these themes or images, such as those of fish or some natural scenery might seem to be out of the human register, they simply evoke man’s immediate environment.


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